Sl.NoYearTraining GroupPlaceTitleBeneficiary
1 2016-17F & FWOFF CAMPUSImproved methods of brinjal production25
2 2016-17F & FWON CAMPUSNursery raising techniques for cultivation of kharif tomato25
3 2016-17F & FWOFF CAMPUSProduction technology of tissue culture banana variety Grand Naine25
4 2016-17F & FWOFF CAMPUSImproved method of kharif onion cultivation25
5 2016-17F & FWOFF CAMPUSHorticulture based farming system model in Home stead25
6 2016-17F & FWOFF CAMPUSFertilizer management in mango and banana25
7 2016-17F & FWOFF CAMPUSScientific package of practices for cultivation of tuber crops25
8 2016-17F & FWOFF CAMPUSIntegrated nutrient management for cabbage and cauliflowers25
9 2016-17F & FWOFF CAMPUSInter cropping in mango and banana orchard25
10 2016-17F & FWOFF CAMPUSImportance of floriculture for income generation 25
11 2016-17F & FWOFF CAMPUSImportance and techniques to use PGRs in horticultural crops25
12 2016-17RYON CAMPUSSeed production techniques in vegetable15
13 2016-17RYON CAMPUSWater conservation techniques for raising of horticultural crops 15
14 2016-17F & FWOFF CAMPUSImportance and method of seed treatment25
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